Mahadevi Travels

Travelling through India with Saraswati (aka Natasha-ji) and other devi (aka experienced and registered tourist guides)
is an opportunity to break away from your old energy patterns and create a new connection to your inner source of joy and truth. The vibrant energy of India brings with it the opportunity to distance yourself from your usual routine, consider different perspectives and develop clearer insights into what it is that you want from your life.

“Truth is lived, not taught.”

Hermann Hesse

Our journeys centre around experiential learning, life coaching, and an introduction to the basics of meditation and mindfulness. As well as being a physical journey, this is also an opportunity to manifest the changes that you want to bring about in your life, and to rediscover your joy. Our intention is to provide you with the best possible opportunity to experience India, learning from our years of travel and experience. We have crafted these journeys to be full of the experiences and opportunities we would want for our closest friends, family and the people we love. Our journeys are designed to introduce small groups of eight (8) people to the beauty and rich cultural heritage of India.

Our hotels, restaurants and entertainment selections have been carefully tried and tested. They are the result of 40 years experience. No compensation or kick backs are received for our recommendations. Because we have paid for everything that we schedule, we have complete freedom to give our own rating. Your safety is of the utmost concern for us, and hence we have taken every possible precaution. Some aspects, such as the weather, are of course, beyond our control, however we will attempt to manage every foreseeable risk in order to make your journey with us as safe and comfortable as can be.

Healing Heart

On this journey you will have the opportunity to discover how to connect to your own inner source of love, joy and radiance, by learning to listen to your heart. The focus of this journey is to learn how to let unconditional love of self be a gateway to discovering an inner source of joy, peace and healing. Healing Heart is an opportunity for both a physical and inner journey.

Southern Splendor

Southern Splendour is your opportunity to relax and unwind amidst the beauty of Southern India. By taking time away from your usual routine, a whole new vista awaits you. Travelling to beautiful beaches, experiencing fusion cuisine and giving yourself the time to care for self brings with it new possibilities and a fresh new perspective on your life.

Spiritual Synergy

Spiritual Synergy isn’t just a physical journey, it is a pilgrimage to some of India’s most sacred sites. India is home to countless spiritual teachers, passing on generations of timeless wisdom. Very few places in the world are better suited to supporting you in connecting to your spirituality and in developing a spiritual practice that best serves your needs.

Independent India

India has undergone profound and continual transformation over the centuries. The result has been a richness and depth of cultural traditions and cuisines. Independent India is your opportunity to explore how India has evolved over the centuries, and as you journey through India’s colonial history, you will have the opportunity to explore change and the role that change plays in your life.

It would be our pleasure to craft your bespoke, private tour for a small group of up to 8 people. Tailored to your unique needs and interests, we will navigate your ideal path through India. Whatever your area of greatest interest, whether health, spirituality or relaxation, we can craft and design the best possible opportunity to experience India at its best. The activities that we can explore are diverse. Saraswati (aka Natasha-ji) would be delighted to consult with you to discover what inspires you and the journey that you would most like to take.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see
the whole staircase, just take the first step"
Martin Luther King Jr

If you have any questions or would like some clarification about any of the journeys, please contact

Saraswati (Natasha-ji)

Mobile: +61 0429903554 (Australia)